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Who is Pauric Mather

Home Guitar Academy was founded by Pauric Mather. From Dublin, Ireland, he has been a professional guitarist since 1987. During that time he has played with many big name artists. He is also a leading expert in guitar teaching – and author of the Award Winning – International Best Seller of How To Learn Guitar.

The Benefits

If you’re a beginner there’s no better way than to learn guitar at home. You save traveling time, travel costs, expensive lesson fees, and being late for lessons. Here you learn guitar at home, in your own time & at your own pace. You can repeat any lesson as often as you want at no extra cost. You also benefit from vast real life experience, knowledge, and unequalled success.

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How To Learn Guitar

For thousands of people “How To Learn Guitar” is “The Ultimate Teach Yourself Guitar Book“. It helped them to Learn Faster – Easier & More Efficiently than any other teaching method. Inside is the most Complete, Individual & Personalised program of guitar lessons you will ever find.

  • How To Strum In Perfect Time
  • The 30 Most Played Rhythms
  • The Most Played Chords
  • How To Change Chords Fast
  • How To Learn Your Favourite Songs
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Guitar Chords For Beginners

THE ONLY CHORD BOOK YOU NEED Yet, “Guitar Chords For Beginners” is A Simple BookSuperbly Explained & Easy To Follow. The author, Pauric Mather has crafted each chord & playing technique so well, you need no knowledge of music whatsoever to learn from it.
  • 110 Pages Of Superbly Illustrated Guitar Chords
  • How To Change Chords Fast 
  • How To Make Difficult Chords Easy
  • Compliments All Song Books & Teaching Methods
  • How To Learn Your Favourite Songs
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